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17th-Dec-2010 07:52 pm - Top Gift Ideas
Looking for the right gift to give this Christmas? Aha! You've come to the right place (lol) Read more to see what's in store! hehehe

1. First you have to list down the people that you are going to give gifts to. Usually the "Loved ones" or the "Nearest Kins" are the top priority.

2. Window shop a week or two before your actual shopping day, this will help you check out all the prices of the stuffs you want to give and will also give you an ease to look for or reserve some stuffs in advance, it will also help you in familiarize the places/ stalls where those items are placed.

3. Think of the person's personality or think of anything that the person would like to have for Christmas which would help you get him/her the perfect gift.

4. Always bring extra cash even though your on a budget so you may never know if you'll get short.

5. Never forget to bring your list so you can keep track of whom/ which present you still haven't bought.

7. If you do not know of what to give then it is never wrong to buy something that is all the same for example bags for everyone in your list. Of course a little mix and matching will help so at least each of them will have a different version/ color of the bag.

8. Always remember, that whatever it is you give, a letter, a pendant or even a bookmark as long as it given willingly from the heart it will be the greatest present ever for the receiver. After all whatever it is, it's the thought that counts. :)

Back to the Gift Ideas:

1. Good Books are a no fail to those book readers/ book lovers or even non book readers at all who are in need of inspiration. Book Sale is the place where you can get good books that are so way cheaper than any Power books or National Bookstore combined! Yup! You just have to search through the books to find good reads. Some books that are on sale for 10 or 20 pesos are used but in good conditions while hardbound books that have been from school libraries cost 35 pesos. New books and other hardbounds costs 75-145 pesos! Yes! That cheap! :D Yay! You can find anything from How to's, Coffee shop books, Pocket books, Adventure/Romance Books, Children's books and even Reviewers and College books!

2. If your a wealthy gift giver gadgets are the best to give out! Specially this sale season all gadget stores are in their Christmas Sales. From cellphones to laptops your friends and loved one's will be in for a good treat! Of course to those who are really into music some mp3 or i-pop nano or touch wouldn't hurt! For those who really are techies laptops or cameras will do! If you are a gadget giver but is not into that high costing gifts you can give out psp computers to your favorite boy friend or a dvd compact to your hearthrob cousin! Some of these low costing gadgets can be found at Quiapo and Raon. You just have to check on those gadgets because some are not working when they give it tor some are just fake.

3. Clothes and shoes are always a no fail gift for Christmas! Specially for your stylish best friend who would love designer clothes and for your bratty sister who always look like a gothic star instead of emo. (lol) You can find clothes at Sm department/ Robinsons stores everywhere since all designer brands are on sale and are on 50% off! Of course you can always fake that designer brand clothes and shoes at Divisoria or any tiangge/bazaar store around because everything there is sooooo waaay cheap and some of them too comes from Korea so you know how the clothes have some asian vibe into it. :) You'll be saving a lot if you buy from these stores!

4. Home decorations and Kitchen supplies would be best given to moms and your aunties who would always freak out if the house isn't clean. Yeah, Maybe some bed covers and some toaster oven wouldn't hurt (if they still don't have a toaster) maybe a cute mug that they say's "The best Mom in the world" would do. Or if mom still has that old lamp shade you could always get her a new one!

5. Some dads has their stuffs everywhere! You could give out to your dads or uncles some organizer box containers or maybe a cabinet to place their stuffs in. They always have those papers, some are envelopes around the house and they can't seem to find em, so might as well give those to your dads for Christmas. They will really thank you for it!

6. Every kid loves toys! Even I! (lol) Instead of barbie dolls or toy guns for Christmas you could give those little neices and nephews and cousins of yours some educational toys this time. You could give out board games to those who are 7 and above and some puzzles to those who are 3 and below. This could enrich their minds plus will also keep them busy on Christmas day so you wouldn't be searching for them every eating or family picture time. :)

These are some of my Gift Ideas/Items that I hope would help you on your shopping this Holiday. :) I do hope that you find the perfect gift to those whom you love. Merry Christmas!
23rd-Nov-2010 01:39 pm - HIV increase
The increase of HIV and AIDS incidence in our country is alarming. I was able to watch Ka Tunying's Punto per Punto this morning and according to DOH, 5 of every Filipinos each day are diagnosed with this disease.

I am really concerned about how our country handles this. Yes, our government is doing ways to prevent over population through contraception and protection but there is still a lack of health information dissemination.

I am worried about our health centers and community centers where supposedly women and men who are engaged in GRO and club businesses should go to freely but instead they keep their health problems private. They should be encouraged and provided by the managers and bosses of these industries to check their health and see that their employees are free from any sexually transmitted diseases but that is not what is happening, they let their employees work without protection that would risk them to even more problems.

If DOH can work together with the industries, they could be able to check on the health of the employees or even at least limit sexual intercourses in this kind of business. I hope that our country is not to late and I do hope that everyone will open their minds to these kind of things.
3rd-Sep-2010 08:05 pm(no subject)
The BER months finally arrives and you can totally feel the chilliness in the air. The season that everybody loves is coming to town and everyone is excited.

It's when this season that I usually end up broke but now I actually was able to save up! Yay! It isn't that much but it's enough to make me happy and proud that I was able to save to the fact that I am still unemployed and I only get allowances from Mom who gives me money for my jeepney fare going to the hospital.

I have lot's of plans for my savings. Of course I want to buy all the things I want too but the most important thing right now is my family. My parents and my sister needs them more than I do. So, that's why I know my savings will be put in to good use since my family will be benefiting from it. I'm glad to be able to give out what I have for them. (since 1/4 of it just came from me and the whole of it came from them also)
27th-Aug-2010 06:55 pm - Blog haters are everywhere
I really don't get people who take blogs or comments personally and even to the next level that they even start an online fight. That's why people blog to let other people know their opinion about a topic or to just write anything extra ordinary about their day. Well, of course this thing has an exception, this is not always the case because some of the blogs are not about criticism but opinion others are really worth commenting because of the words they use and how wrong their perception about the issue is.

I always encounter people or in other words "haters" who personally even comment bad stuff about what you posted even if what you posted was a good opinion or a thought about your country or the issue about it. It is such a piss off for the blogger instead of appreciating what you posted they will only make you feel like you should not have written it even though it was good.

Sometimes even on the internet people only wants to bring you down. Usually I don't reply back to their comments because some of them are worthless, sometimes I do and it makes me sad to argue with them for just a simple reason they don't want to understand.
25th-Aug-2010 08:28 pm - My thoughts on the hostage drama
I too can't help but blog about yesterday's hostage taking incident that went into a bloody end. I'm sorry but I really want to air out my views about it.

I was actually in Intramuros while the incident happened, ignorant that it was actually happening. By the time I got home I saw dozens of post all over about a bus being hostage by a police and I thought that this was just an ordinary incident but when I watched the news that Mr. Mendoza did that just to catch the attention of the media I was complacent that he wouldn't do anything bad. In fact he released dozens of hostages through out the day. Mom and I researched about him and saw that he was indeed a good man, a good son but was a victim also of a justice that he never got. He was removed from his job, was sue and had a case under the ombudsman, he want's justice because he himself was a victim.

By the evening when my parents were home, Papa was watching the news, his brother and his family was taken into custody, taken harshly by our police. Then I heard gun shots and news casters running just to cover the event. I went to look at what's happening on our tv screen and saw our police team cowardly breaking the window sheild and the door of the bus while gun shots and tear gases exploded. Another gun shot and our so called heroic police team couldn't control themselves and went on firing, so Mr. Mendoza fired back too and yes, you all know what happened in the end. Missed bullets, gun shots many were injured, many died mostly were the tourists and one of which was the taker Mr. Mendoza.

What I want to point out his how our police team responded to the situation. All was good but when they got Mr. Mendoza's brother and said that he was an accessory of the crime, got his family and forced them. Who wouldn't be angry? Mr. Mendoza was already not treated well and now he see's his family being treated this way? Of course who wouldn't cause havoc? I believed that Mr. Mendoza want's to protect his family too. His fear and anger caused this. He got out of hand and yes, our police team got out of hand too. My goodness it has been a very long day didn't they had a plan how to get the victims outs when Mr. Mendoza was still calm? When Mr. Mendoza shoot why did they shoot back? Of course Mr. Mendoza's shot was a warning sign out of his anger from the police. Why didn't they keep Mr. Mendoza online and always on the phone? Why did they just took the driver's answer that all of the people in the bus were dead? Didn't they know that the driver was in panic and he also doesn't know what's happening. By the time the driver was running they didn't even put spot lights on the bus for the victims to be seen clearly They just broke in like that so cowardly. Mr Mendoza was scared, everyone was scared. The police thought that killing and gunning Mr. Mendoza was the right thing to do. They crashed the window shields, gunned the bus without thinking that there are survivors. Mr. Mendoza fired back that's all what he could do. He was also scared but the policemen fired and fired. God! Why didn't they just fired once? Or just shot him on his leg or something. They didn't have to kill him. The police for me was in humane, stupid and coward. They should have waited and not made a wrong move for Mr. Mendoza to do such a thing. If they just negotiated, didn't arrested his family and talked things wouldnt end up this way. I bet they were the ones who shot the other hostages due to their firing.

I am really sad for what happened and how things ended. I hope and pray that Mr. Mendoza through his brother and family will find justice. The good man only wanted his job back. He too is human, he only wanted to make a scene but not for this to happen. People blamed it all on Mr. Mendoza but for me and for the things that I have seen on television I would blame it all on our police.

I hope that everyone of us learned something one way or another on this incident. I hope that our police this time would learn from their mistakes. I also hope and pray that our President would do something and the other Police officials to help our police learn other ways to manage these kinds of crisis. I suggest that our police team undergo more trainings, make them organized, make them tougher. I also suggest that they study psychology (lol) This may seem funny but if our police team learn psychology they would understand more the human brain and the human emotions.

Fo now, let us all pray for the victims. There is nothing we can do about it as of the moment. What's done is done. What we can do for now is to continue being good citizens of our country, be vigilant with our surroundings, and be open minded. Yes, we are stained again but I know if we continue doing good and being good Filipinos we can change the world and their perspective of us again. I am positive with our new government. I know the president and his team will do what they can for each of the victims to find justice not only on this case but to every case that we pending.
13th-Aug-2010 05:29 pm - Bored
How is my live journal doing? (lol) Anyway, am right here at the Dapitan vicinity waiting for someone. Been reading my nursing book (specifically Maternal and Child) for almost 2 hours now and honestly it bored me. Since I have been reading it for almost 3 years now and I have to re read it again for reviewing purposes. So, what I did for now is to go online and at least enjoy my life and have a little fun. 

So, am posting out of boredom. (lol) Well, till next post then!
9th-Aug-2010 12:14 am - emotions
   I cried last night. Cried because of my feelings. The feelings of being  good and nice and patient that to much of it only gets nothing in return. I'm glad that I came to realize this even if I should have realized it before. I'm glad that I felt sad and angry at the same time. I still dont know what do with this feelings yet but surely am going to change and improve myself, of course am going to still be a good girl but this time a new type of good girl that knows what she wants. :)

Wait for it!
5th-Aug-2010 09:44 am - Am Back!
It's been a long time! I haven't been posting on my LJ for ages now! How is everyone? ^_^

 Anyway, I have been busy with my trainings. I'm on my second training now which is the Advanced Critical Training where I get to be exposed to critical patients in ICU, NICU etc. So, far, I'm enjoying it and getting the hang of it. :)

  I'm also completing cases for my midwifery. :) I still have to complete 8 more and I'm done!  From completing cases I have learned how to help mothers give birth the right way and of course ( I myself couldn't believe it either) learn how to suture! Whahaha!!! I thought that suturing could only be learned by doctors but now! Ahahaha!!! I'm so proud! 

  In the side lines I'm also reviewing for my NCLEX. I still don't know which state to go but I let all the decisions be from my aunt since she pays for it. I just want to pass it and move on lol.

 So, that's all for now! I still have duty later. See you!

   Started my ER duty yesterday and it was one hell of a very toxic day! Lot's of cases to be admitted, most of them are already fully dilated and are ready to be shipped to the DR while others are abortion, c/s, h-mole, pre eclampsia and the like. I was glad that I was inside to assist the doctor because I was the one inserting IV lines and catheters and injecting Hyrdralazine and Magnesium while the others are admitting, charting and interviewing.

   Today, as the 2nd day ended I realized that I am getting used to the ER protocols and procedures and I do hope to learn more and to experience more of different cases so that I would be exposed to this and know what interventions and procedures I can do to help these patients.

   Tomorrow will be the third day and I hope that my group mates( We are 6 all in all, complete on the first day and now we are down to 4) will still be there and hang on the 6 months of training, I don't want to be left alone with me as the only BCTP for this 6 months rotation and shifting. I know that God will help me with this and I know that after the 6 months I will a good and competent nurse trainee on Maternal and Child.

9th-Jan-2010 10:56 am - Some of my social web thoughts
Some of my thoughts well It's kinda one sided but not that much

1. Even though Friendster isn't quite a hit social network site. I still find it amusing and cute. They say that people who uses friendster now are the low class "masses" but anyway. I open and update it the same as with Facebook. The one that I don't open that much is myspace. Since uhmm I have reached the maximum friends that I have there and uhmm my name is quite popular that until now I still receive a hundred of friend requests in my email notification -_-"

2. Multiply is much better than Tumblr. I love multiply and the way that you can post your photo albums easily with descriptions and you can easily edit them with html. I also like multiply's easy access and comments are always available while on tumblr all you do is reblog pictures and links or events. It's like your always bored to post something on tumblr. Well the case is different if your tumblarity is way over 1000 plus you have lot's of followers.

3. I like Plurk better than Twitter. First because Plurk has cute emoticons and when your karma increases the more emoticons you have! ahaha! Plus there are access to frequently used words that you can just click away without typing it while on Twitter there are less layouts for you to choose from ( well, it's up to you to also make your own layout) plus there are no emoticons to place if you are a very emoticon-ish type of person. Twitter is a site for a free type of person who loves typing away!

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